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We'll see advertisements mainly in the transition to act_2, and in act_3. The advertisements can and should be varied, but here are some basic guidelines and ideas


Use the font Soomerian Modern, available in the SVN repo, or downloadable here This font can be modified in font editing programs such as birdfont in combination with vector editors such as inkscape, or simply in your image editor, to achieve desired effects such as decorations, styles, kerning, or special effects such as stencil or strike through.


Travel and or Movie Posters

Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino is an excellent starting point for inspiring travelog style advertisements, like those put out by travel agencies to advertise a location. The cities are conceptual and on a theme, and could inspire a conceptual (or literal response). I prefer using travel images with simple colour pallets and small or no human figures in the image - focus on location/concept/or mood rather than on a personal image. Some randomish links for travel images: [1] Illustrations for Calvino cities (much cooler reference): [2] [3] So what's being asked is to blend the Calvino concepts with text/layout used in advertising. The result can be either a travel image or a film poster (theater play also possible). The basic idea is that most of the advertisments is portraying possible worlds.