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Mystery Font

In the station, we have a variety of text- signs for depos, etc. Lets call the language 'Sumerian' - not the ancient cuneiform glyphs but a modern language for a utopian current civilization. With two exceptions we will not use English / Roman characters for this

Most of the text is not important to read; reading it will distract from the visuals, we mainly need it as a visual element, not a literal one. Thus we can make up fonts!

Style ideas:

However, choice of the general shapes of the letters is complicated by usage, I think we can identify 3 general types of lettering:

  1. signage and print : this should probably be a truetype font that is believable as type (or more than one for simple vs ornate)
  2. stencil-ish type signage: this should be similar to e.g. [1]
  3. graphiti: we should probably hand draw this in paint programs as needed (not a font file)
  4. handwritten: could be handdrawn but we could have a 'handwriting' style font. Comic sans Sumerian anybody ?


There are a couple of exceptions to this - We need to read gilgamesh's name in two places:

  • Her Dogtags need to have her name in human readable form (maybe both!)
  • The book title needs gilgamesh in human readable form. This will likely be a one-word parenthetical in a Sumerian language page


Numbers should be Arabic numerals i.e.: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Add your own language

It is encouraged to add words in the artists' own language as occasional elements ( a word here or there, graphitti, other...)