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At some point in the production process, we saw the need for improved organization of some of the assets in the Tube repository. There are multiple reasons for this: - To allow for a speedier download of model assets without the need to svn-checkout the larger texture files associated - To improve organization - To facilitate finding texture maps referenced from the various blend files.

Up until now, texture files live in various locations in the SVN repository: - Loose in the lib/maps folder - In specific folders right next to some specific models—like Gilgamesh's. - Loose inside the lib/materials folder

The intended organization at this point would be to classify texture maps all inside the lib/maps folder, each with its own little folder (useful for those that have bump/normal/specular/diffuse maps associated). Inside the maps folder, we'll have a model textures folder, a material maps folder, and a generic maps folder.

Important: whenever a texture is being used by several models, we duplicate the texture and place it in the model texture folder inside the model maps folder.

  • Model Maps: textures classified according to model name. Folders inside this will mirror the names of the models in lib/models folders.
  • Generic Maps: textures used across the production pipeline, HDR images.
  • Material Maps: textures associated to materials in lib/materials