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Setting the Output options

You only need to do this once, ever for a file, unless you are switching options.

  1. in the properties editor go to the Render Context (first button)Props render.png
  2. in the Output Panel, set your output filepath by clicking on the folder icon and browsing to a suitable folder (e.g. your Desktop)
    render settings
  3. Select your Format in the Output panel. Suitable formats are H.264, Quicktime (if on a Mac)
  4. If you selected Quicktime, Select the H.264 Video Codec
  5. If you selected H.264, Go to the Encoding Panel, and, under presets, pick H.264, then, under format, select MPEG-4. This is what you'd generally use under linux.
  6. Advanced: Some Linux users may want to reencode in ffmpeg or handbrake, to produce 'nicer' files for other platforms.
  7. Now we want some Frame Stamping: Enable and expand Stamp, and uncheck everything but 'Frame'

In the 3D View

Before you actually do it, you want to do the following:

3d view steps
  1. If her face is visible/ close, click show hair, in the hide / unhide panel of her rig properties, so you'll see her eyebrows and lashes.
  2. Select the actual gilga 'mesh' proxy (wireframe mode might make this easier) and then look where the rig ui is; it allows you to change her resolution to High.
  3. in the view properties editor, under display, check Only Render, to hide the rig/ controls /etc.
  4. finally, hit the icon that looks like a clapboard in the 3D View Header, this'll boomsmash to the folder you set in your output options.


You can of course, revert those settings you do not want between boomsmashes - like turning off the eyebrows, showing her controls, etc. some of you may even have a boomsmash/animation workflow that needs rendering to individual frames, for example. These instructions only apply when you want to upload a preview in Helga.