URCHN Arkipelago Escalator


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This is the escalator model that gilgamesh enters the station on, and later leaves on at the end. There is only one, but we will mirror and place it in the opposite side of the station in act_3. act_1 only has one escalator. The model is rigged for animation, primarily the steps can move, and there are two versions: one is designed to show all the steps at once, the other is only showing some of them, so that only the camera view can see the steps. Steps, and body are linked as seperate groups. gilga needs to stand on the escalator, so changing proportions of where the steps are, and the handrail, is out of the question!


lib/models/sets/escalator.blend lib/models/sets/escalator.txt and (not in svn) lib/modles/sets/escalator.err


Check blendflakes generated escalator.txt. note that the steps have two versions (camera bound and not camera bound) and the main escalator does not include the steps. Also, the 'furs' on the sides are in their own group so as not to be a render burden in long shots.