URCHN Arkipelago Lighting brainstorm

Lighting brainstorm

From URCHN Arkipelago

This is a quick outline/grabbag of ideas to kick off the weeks of Oct 22/ 29. Goal is to establish a proper workflow for texturing, lighting and materials that can stick for the rest of the project.



  1. Figure out needs for renderer specifics.
  2. Tune materials on major assets (gilgamesh) perhaps for specific shots.
  3. Create a spreadsheet for shading for assets that we can fill out (or use Helga)


  1. Create 'basic' set of materials based on physical properties (wood, metal, bakelite, various lights, etc.) stick it in the library for quick population of scenes.
  2. in actual models, use the basics but tweak just colors and basic settings to fit.
  3. we can use the above to start lighting.
  4. push a2s06 materials to final level



  1. Directory structure for storing SVN textures
  2. Same but for possible out of tree image sequences
  3. Clean out missing texture references from the project
  4. Clear out unused and unsuitable textures from our tree
  5. Get source images for use in textures in tree? or at least available.
  6. Categorize what we have and need
  7. Workflow for texture artists.
  8. call for Graphic designers.


  1. Base off the materials basics
  2. focus on a handful of shots: a2s06, and some of the shots picked for lighting.
  3. graphic design elements: concepts for specific posters/adds and signage in the identified shots.
  4. remove redundant bad textures
  5. remove missing image links
  6. clean up directory structure
  7. file sharing etc.



  1. Nail down lighting workflow for tube
  2. develop or at least specify tools/addons for untechnical lighters to work on shots.
  3. Establish rhythm of feedback via helga/irc/etc.
  4. Moodboard for lighting reference. Some already exist, but they need to be gathered into one place.
  5. Make all major decisions (for instance which renderer to use)
  6. Some work on optimization or at least an optimization roadmap.
  7. Perhaps light groups or other reusable assets.
  8. Lighting docs for everything we decide.


  1. Update Blender for lighters to avoid SSS scenes.
  2. Identify 5 shots with Gilga: Close-up, Medium, Long, with at least a couple lighting variations (back-lit - Normal) at least in the close-up.
  3. Setup lighting for both cycles and internal in these shots
  4. Coordinate with Material editing for Skin
  5. Coordinate with Particle and Material editing for hair
  6. Finalize hair and skin lighting setups
  7. Save out Light groups in Lib for appending into other files.
  8. Save out composite trees (node groups) to speed up setup in other files.
  9. Crit sessions with identified supervisor to finalize this approach.
  10. Document where needed, script where needed for speedups.
  11. Identify and categorize type of backgrounds in shots (long, close, moving camera etc)
  12. Find a good way of slicing up geometry for the shots (Mask modifier? Boolean?)
  13. enviro- map production scene officially part of lib
  14. try to get one challenging shot (e.g. a2s06) in a preliminary stage (sans complete textures)
  15. Moodboard: Act_1, Act_2 (train interior), Act_2 (exterior), Act_2 (timelapse), Act_3 (station) Act_3 (finale escalator)