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building blender on fly

  1. blender lives in /home/anim/blenderbuild/
  2. cd blenderbuild/src/
  3. svn up
  4. python2.6 scons/scons.py (this will fail!)
  5. rm ccommands
  6. python2.6 scons/scons.py BF_QUIET=FALSE > ccommands
  7. nano -w ccommands and delete everything but linking blender, and insert:"/home/anim/usr/local/lib/libHalf.a /home/anim/usr/local/lib/libIlmImf.a /home/anim/usr/local/lib/libIex.a /home/anim/usr/local/lib/libImath.a /home/anim/usr/local/lib/libIlmThread.a" beteween loading lib64 and openimageio towards the end
  8. chmod +x ccommands
  9. ./ccommands
  10. python2.6 scons/scons.py --ignore-errors
  11. ./ccommands
  12. mv ../build/linux/bin/blender ../install/linux/blender
  13. cp -r ../install/linux/2.62/python ../install/linux/2.63/