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Layer names

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This addon replaces the scene layer names addon, with more functionality and better UI.


refer to the addon installation instructions. the filename is layernames.py


The addon creates: A new panel in the Renderlayers Properties Window A new menu item in the 3D View A new panel in the Armature Properties Window

Renderlayers Properties Amaranth Layers Panel

New layers menu.png
New layers locked.png
New layers unlocked.png

The panel name is Amaranth Layers. it has a lock/unlock icon in the header, and a dropdown menu in the header The menu allows to:

  • Delete all the layers in the file
  • Import old layers (some files with a previous version of the addon need this)
  • Import layers from a template file (similar to scene layer names addon)
  • Export current layers to a template file for use in other files.

When the Lock is on in the header, you can:

  • change layer visibility by clicking in visibilty button, right after the layer name
  • change the active Renderlayers' "Layer" membership, by clicking the hamburger style icon.
  • change the active Renderlayers' "Exclude" membership, by clicking the x button
  • change the active Renderlayers' "Mask Layer" membership by clicking the ghost button.

By unlocking the lock icon, you enable more functionality, from left to right:

  • changing the type (icon) of a layer
  • renaming a layer
  • you can hide or unhide the layer
  • changing the layers number

In both cases, at the bottom of the list there is a small round + or - icon. click it to unhide the following functions:

  • filter/search hides or displays layers based on being part of a renderlayer
  • ordering icon (a/z) changes the sort order.
  • up and down arrows move the current layer up or down in the Default sort order.
  • + Creates a new Layer and - Deletes the active Layer
  • layer/exclude/mask buttons allow you to change membership in the active render layer in a different way (only for active layer)

Armature Layers Panel

New armature panel.png

Similar to the Scene Layers in the Renderlayers Panel, when you have armature selected, you will get a simpler list in the Armature (Data) Properties when you have an active armature object. It of course has no renderlayer options.

3D View Header Layers Menu

Header menu.png

This menu is similar to the panel Properties, but it only allows hiding/ unhiding layers, or adding a new layer by clicking on the plus icon. If you are in Pose or Armature Edit mode it applies to to Armature Layers, but if you are in other modes it is Scene layers

3D View Move to Layer Hotkey

Press "CTRL_SHIFT_A" in object mode in the 3D view, and you will be able to move selected objects to a named layer, similar to the m-key built in functionality.