URCHN Arkipelago Layout


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Per Act Differences

Creating a new layout file in Act I and Act III should follow the following steps. Act II may have similar steps to start, but it is possible the files might have more local than linked data.


  • Make sure you have reference desk installed.
  • Make sure you have scene layer names installed.
  • Create a new file, save it in scenes/act_n (where n is the act number). the filename should be of the form ansnn.blend (where nn is the shot number).
  • Set the start and end frame based on the animatic. Change the default Scene name to ansnn
  • Ensure the resolution is set to 2048x858, and set the file output options to h264 in every possible preset area.
  • Ensure the framerate is 24 fps.
  • In scene properties, add a new custom property named library with the value ../../library.json
  • save the file, then add and commit to SVN with the message "Initial commit of shot ansnn"
  • Delete any default geometry and lights. You can use the default camera or create a new one.
  • Using reference desk add assets to the scene using the animatic as a reference for what you need. Delete any off camera portions if possible.
  • Using the animatic as a reference, position and adjust the camera settings.
  • If there is camera animation in the shot, key the camera. You can use the camera shake if needed.
  • optionally, you can create initial poses for the characters, to match (more or less) the animatic.