URCHN Arkipelago Shot pipeline

Shot pipeline

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Pipeline diagram.png

  • Assets are created in the lib folder. These maybe materials, models, python scripts, etc. These should be organized into layers, and named (every datablock needs a name). Models may need multiple versions which can live in the same file, or in multiple files.
  • Layout files link in assets, preferably using reference desk, and conform to the layer organisation guidelines.
  • Anim can start after layout begins, so long as the animated assets, and non-animated parts of the scene that they interact with are finished. Note that animation uses the layout file.
  • Lighting can start after animation begins. Lighting files are seperate and link in the data from the anim files as objects.
  • Optionally, we can render out multilayer EXRs and comp in a separate file. This can be done for complex comps where we do not want to pollute our 'artistic' comp with lighting hacks such as light and material overrrides.